About Us

NJP Medical Supplies was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Siddiqui, a husband and wife team passionate about giving back to their community and serving our country with the best possible level of service. Since both Husband and Wife have extensive medical backgrounds, they know how important it is to provide high quality medical supplies.


NJP Medical Supplies was established to meet a need that Mr. Siddiqui realized existed when his own Mother became ill, requiring constant medical attention and supplies. Since the experience was a profoundly personal one, Mr. Siddiqui and his wife became acutely aware of the difficulties one can experience when shopping for medical supplies.


When his 85 year old Mother fell ill, Mr. Siddiqui had some good experiences and some very bad experiences shopping for his Mother’s medical supplies. Some products were of good quality, while others were made poorly, incorrectly or worse simply wouldn’t work at all! The majority of products were not up to standard, were overpriced or took far too long to get delivered. These problems made a difficult situation even worse for Mr. Siddiqui and his Mother. The medical supplies quality was alarmingly low, the prices too high and the wait for them to arrive, not acceptable.


Having personally experienced these difficulties with searching for and purchasing medical supplies, Mr. and Mrs. Siddiqui developed a vision for creating a better way for people to get their medical supplies.


Their passion and vision shaped and paved the way to establishing NJP Medical Supplies, an operation dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions for individuals seeking high quality medical supplies.