How does Neoprene Elastic Lumbar/Back Support Belt work?


The premium quality double pull neoprene lumbar support provides the best possible combination of support, compression, heat retention and comfort. 

It has a unique crisscross elastic strap which is effective in removing excess gap between the neoprene and your body, to enhance stability.

The support provided by the compression strap improves posture to aid treatment of back problems such as a slipped disc, degenerative disc disease and Sciatica. 

The heat provided by the high quality neoprene can help to ease back muscle spasms and low back pain associated with a herniated disc and spinal stenosis.


Features of Neoprene Elastic Lumbar/Back Support Belt:


•Supports along the spine to provide stability for those suffering from lower back pain

•Criss-cross heavy duty elasticated double pull mechanism for adjustable compression

•Non-stretch fabric across the back panel which is designed to provide extra support for the lower back.

•By keeping the lower back in an upright or extended position, it reduces the strain placed on the pain producing structures of the lower back such as muscles, ligaments, discs and nerve roots.

•This support provides warmth, support, flexibility and compression to the lower back.

Material: neoprene,fish line 

Color: black&blue

Size: S: approx waist (22-27inches) or (57-70cm) 

   M: approx waist (28-32 inches) or( 72-81cm) 

   L: approx waist (32-36 inches) or (81-92 cm)  

   XL: approx waist (36-40 inches) or (92-102 cm)  

   XXL: approx waist (40-44 inches) or (102-112 cm)  

   XXXL: approx waist (44-50 inches) or (112-127 cm).


Certification: CE/FDA/ISO 

Function: protect waist to avoid sprain 

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Neoprene Elastic Lumbar/Back Support Belt

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